Treat your new pup to a treat box! Our gourmet treat box comes with a cute assortment of treats, as shown in the pictures. Treats come wrapped in a box. These cookies are large, and they're perfect for small or large dogs (our dachshunds and great danes go crazy over them!)

There are 9 treats, ranging from 1 - 4 inches.

Treats include:
- one bear
- one cupcake
- one duck
- one rattle
- two bones
- three flowers

- only 5 human-grade Ingredients: organic rice flour, organic peanut butter, organic pumpkin, organic brown eggs, and organic cinnamon.

- Box Weight: 8 oz
- made with love using the finest organic and natural ingredients
- treats are soy, wheat & corn-free
- 6 months self-life
- treats are handmade by an all-natural bakery in Missouri!
- our treats are to be fed as a treat and not as a source of nutrition — feed in moderation.

*We try our hardest to pack all of the cookies as securely as possible to prevent any breaking. However, once they are shipped, it is out of our control on how they are handled. Please let us know immediately if there is any breakage, and we will happily credit you towards another purchase for the cookies broken.

Need additional information on our treat box? Shoot us a message! Email us at

It's a Puppy Treat Box

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