How We Got Started

Divergent Pet Care got started when Amanda was in vet tech school and was working at different veterinarian offices. Amanda is autistic and has ADHD. This means she completes tasks differently than her neurotypical peers. Unfortunately, many veterinarians in South Florida do not know how to cope with that. As a result, holding onto a job in the field was near impossible. 

As a leap of faith, she decided to go into business for herself. It started out slow but over the years, she was able to build it up. Her clients love her dedication, attention to detail and compassion. 

This is rewarding working so closely with your pets and caring for them like family. 

After her business was doing well, she though she would open up her business to other neurodivergent people in the United States. 

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Amanda, Owner

Amanda is a Veterinary Technologist that graduated from St. Petersburg College with an Associates and Bachelors in Veterinary Technology. 

Amanda offers exceptional service in Palm Beach County, Florida

Tara, Pet Professional

Tara is an amazing neuodivergent pet professional serving the  Chicago, Illinois area. She will be available to you soon. 

More coming soon

More areas coming soon!